Monday, March 1, 2010

Its been a while

Where do i begin its been forever since i have posted anything... Hayden is now 3 years old and is so much fun!!! i cant believe how big he is he is so tall and so handsome. he had finally picked up the whole talking thing. 3 year old sentences = ADORABLE! As for sophie girl she will be 2 in may i cant believe that either she is talking and omg she is a total dancing girl and sort of music that comes on doesnt matter where she is she gets her groove on. I just got her ears pierced last week and it is so cute she is def all girl!!! We are still living with matts parents still trying to pay off the 4runner so we can get our own place. matt is still working at ups and loves it he is also doing epay pros and loves that as well he pretty much gets to work from home so its nice. as for me i am working at a place called Mystique i ABSOLUTLEY love it. its def a lot of hours but totally worth it. I just celebrated my 22nd birthday! YAY one year older but i dont think i became any wiser! btw chris and amanda hennemans lil one cade shares a birthday with me so thats exciting! we miss them and wish they were still here in boise! As for my parents they are doing good katie is 16 and now has her license and can date WEIRD!! she is my bestest friend ever!!! and tanner he has turned into a handsome young man he is 15 and freakin hilarious!! my lil bro vinny i love him! jon he is trying to find a job and just hanging out! as for my parents i love them and appreciate alll they do for us! lets see what else...... christmas was so much fun this year the kids got spoiled hayden was sealed to us december 12th and it was amazing!! words cant even describe the feeling .. i am so blessed to have such a happy and healthy family. i am going to try to stay on top of my blog this time. i feel like this helps me keep track of everything thats going on in my life!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

And a little more...

More 1st Birthday!!!

I had also made a tu tu for sophie to wear on her birthday.... I felt like martha stewart or something haha but it was adorable and i must say i am very proud of myself!

The big ONE!!!

Our little girl is one i cant believe it it seems like just yesterday i had given birth to her.... her birthday party was so pink it was great... its so funny because matt has always had said no princess parties ... but guess what thats what she got and more hahaha.. it ws so funny because hayden thought it was his cake to ... but sophie was willing to share....


Well there are no words to explain... just ACCIDENTS happen..

Hayden And The Scooter

So let me give you a little run down of how we got the scooter.... When the weather was warm my mom and i had this great idea to go take hayden to get a bike ... we went to walmart and TOYS R US . when we were at walmart hayden loved the bike but for grandma and i we thought we could find something a little better. Well we get to TOYS R US.. and head back to the bikes we find this sweet lightning mcqueen bike he sat on it for a minute but then he saw this scooter... but the one that he saw first was a barbie one he totally loved it and wanted nothing to do with the bike anymore.... but the problem was he wanted the barbie scooter not the red scooter haha it was so funny to we just had to grab the red one quick and drag hayden to the front because he was mad..... but now he loves the red scooter...

Monday, April 20, 2009


Matt is such an amazing husband and dad ..... I love and appreciate him... more than anyone will ever know. On march 24 we celebrated our 2 year anniversary its crazy that we have already been married 2 years its been an amazing 2 years being blessed with 2 beautiful healthy children that our awesome... word cant even describe how good life is right now. i love being a wife and a mom its an amazing thing..... Here is to more kids and forever matt i love you xoxoxoxo